Ayurveda, the knowledge of longevity

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, considered “the sister “science to yoga, is the oldest continuously practiced health-care system in the world. It is an effective, natural, cost effective approach to health care. By definition Ayurveda translates to science or wisdom of life. Ayurveda uses an individualized approach, recognizing that each person is unique. The focus is on restoring and maintaining harmony by providing balance for the total person. An ayurveda wellness plan may include; nutritional counseling, stress management, detoxification, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. Natural remedies are used that will help prevent diseases, and reestablish inner balance. The Ayurveda approach is to educate and supply tools to the individual for the empowerment to live in health and wellness.

Ayurvedic Consultation:

During an ayurvedic consultation, you will become more familiar with ayurveda and how it applies to living in a balanced state of heath and happiness.This consultation will assess your unique constitution and tendencies toward imbalances. You will walk away with great insight and practical applications for dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Initial consultation (75 minutes) $75

Follow up sessions (60 minutes) $60   (30 minutes) $45